Bridgerton Season 3 Promises to Be a Major Departure … And Fans Are Worried That Show Will Lose Its Magic

Bridgerton Season 3 is shaking things up away from the norm of the series — but will the show remain as good with all the new changes?

The first major departure from the book series was making Bridgerton Season 3 about Colin and Penelope’s love story rather than following Benedict Bridgerton and his quest for love. 

However, that’s not the only change we see in the series. 

Obviously, nothing is going to be just like the books when it comes to adaptations, so we can expect some minor plot changes as well. 

Some fans are wondering what this change means for Benedict in Season 3. 

We’ve watched the Bridgerton brother progress through the last few seasons as he enjoys his artwork and gets to know the artist community. 

Will Benedict even appear in Season 3? Right now, we don’t know for certain.

It’s possible that he will have very minor parts as he may be in art school during the upcoming season. 

This is a huge deal for Benedict fans, as we are not only skipping his book for the next season, but possibly seeing less of him as well. 

Not only are we straying from the books when it comes to Benedict’s story, but this is the first time in the series that we’re seeing the return of last season’s couple. 

While Daphne made appearances in the series after marrying the Duke, she was not a main character. 

Anthony and Kate will likely have larger roles again this season as they are the Viscount and Viscountess Bridgerton. 

While Anthony and Kate are in the series this season, Daphne and the Duke will not be making another appearance for Bridgerton Season 3. 

This is disappointing to many as we loved seeing Daphne and the Duke and want more of their family on screen, but it’s important to remember that it’s not their story anymore.

That ended with Season 1. 

With all of these changes, some fans worry that the series will lose some of its magic. 

So will Bridgerton lose its magic? If the Queen Charlotte spin-off is any indication, we think that the show will remain just as magical as before. 

Queen Charlotte was different from Bridgerton in a lot of ways, but quickly became a fan favorite. 

The arranged marriage trope won fans over pretty quickly, especially when it was revealed how handsome King George was, and how their love story would play out. 

The series kept us on our toes with twists, turns, and more drama than we could have hoped for! 

Who can forget all of the drama between Charlotte and George, Lady Danbury and her late husband, and the affair between Lady Danbury and Violet’s father?

It was perfectly Shonda Rhimes-esque and included a lot of great scenes that fans adored. Who’s still not over Brimsley dancing by himself? It certainly still brings us to tears! 

All that is to say that we believe the magic will remain in Bridgerton Season 3

After all, there’s a lot to look forward to regarding Colin and Penelope’s story. 

Penelope’s change in appearance is something we’re all excited to see, along with how she manages to get there. Will we see her finally stand up to her overbearing mother or will she remain a quiet wallflower? 

She certainly seems more confident to speak her mind in the trailers we’ve seen so far, so we’re hoping that she’ll have that confidence when it comes to dealing with her family as well. 

Colin has a lot to make up for from Bridgerton Season 2. He was caught saying some hurtful things about Penelope, noting that he would never court her, and she heard every word of it. 

This is something Penelope has not forgotten, and while it may not have seemed like a big deal to Colin at the time, he’s about to learn just how big of a mistake he made. 

This season promises to show a lot of growing up between both of them, and we’re excited to see the changes in character that this season will bring about. 

After all, there’s nothing like some growing up to really change the course of a love story, and this love story needs help fast. 

Aside from Benedict’s story being paused (just for now, hopefully) and the focus being on Penelope and Colin, there are other things from Bridgerton Season 2 that must be addressed and wrapped up as well. 

We can’t wait to see what happens between Eloise and Penelope as these best friends work through their separate issues and hopefully reunite as the besties that they once were. 

Plus, Eloise is out in society, so it’s possible we’ll get hints at her love match.

Will she ever find a match in society or will she break the mould and go for someone in a lesser social position than she is? We’ll have to wait and see. 

All in all, Bridgerton Season 3 promises the same amount of magic, if not more, than previous seasons, as we wait to see what happens between our two love birds and find out more about the season’s diamond. 

What do you think about Bridgerton Season 3?

Will the show keep its magic, or lose it?

Let us know in the comments below.

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